Meet the Team and About Philly Fit Dog

At Philly Fit Dog we believe that a simple walk is great; but we have taken that to the next level and are here to run with your dog as well.  This physical activity can help contribute to your dog’s health and happiness. If your dog is less active do to age, breed or personality and would rather a walk; we are here to assist you as well. It is very important for elderly dogs to exercise; whether that being running or walking, in order to maintain their health and control their weight. Active breeds in the sporting, herding, hound, terrier or any mixture of these groups and all adolescent dogs require and thrive with more exercise in their daily lives. We offer a free Meet and Greet that allows us to understand the needs and wants of you and your pet(s).

Furthermore Philly Fit Dog’s number one commitment is to the needs of the pets and to improve their quality of life.The needs of our clients come only second to the needs of their pets. Philly Fit Dog will stay in constant communication with you and update you about our fun adventures with your furry friend through Pet Check Technology.

To help achieve the highest level of care, Philly Fit Dog uses Pet Check Technology. When we arrive at your house at the beginning and end of each walk or run, we scan a personalized QR code that sends you an instant email notification. The Pet Check Technology app allows us to have all of your dog or cat’s information easily accessible and the app GPS tracks the walks or runs. At the duration of each appointment, you receive an instant email update including details about the visit. Clients have the convenience to schedule their appointments, pay for completed services and have pet profiles on the Pet Check Technology website or mobile app.