Philadelphia Magazine Dog Running Services

25 May, 2017

Philadelphia Magazine Dog Running Services

High-tech Personal Trainer (Dog Running Services)
Would you describe your dog as “energetic” and maybe also “a handful”? Philly Fit Dog provides both exercise and an outlet for your pup’s, ahem, excess enthusiasm, coming to your home and running with your dog for 20-, 30- or 45-minute sessions. Bonus: Via “Pet Check Technology,” you’re notified at the end of each session and get a GPS map of their route — a nice perk for the slightly obsessive pet owner. Rates: $18 to $35 per run. 215-787-0370.
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Dog running services

Philly Dogs love to run. They were born to run whether you’re in or outside the city. Running will help maintain your dog’s weight, improve muscle tone, maintain a strong cardiovascular system, and build endurance.

Want to improve your dog’s behavior?

Dog running services is an ideal option if your dog demonstrates several undesirable behavior traits. Consistent running sessions can often decrease (or eliminate) the unease and anxiety that lead to undesirable dog behaviors. Most dogs need 30+ minutes of exercise each day, that’s why you can choose any of our running services.

Dog running safety first

If you never run with your dog before, no worries. We learn a lot about your dog at the meet and greet before starting a running schedule. Philly Fit Dog running exercises safety first. We carefully observe for distress involving: dehydration, overheating, and exhaustion. If we see any signs of stress, fatiguing, or erratic behavior, we will end the run instantly. If needed, you can always switch to our dog walking service instead.

Find the location nearest to you.  Or, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.