Philadelphia Style Magazine Top 6 Pet Sitting Services

24 May, 2017

Philadelphia Style Magazine Top 6 Pet Sitting Services

Philadelphia’s Top Pet Sitting Services

6 Luxe Places to Lodge Your Furry Friends When You Travel
Article By Lori Rochino | July 1, 2016

While it’s easier to bring the dog along on a road trip, it may not be so easy if you’re traveling by plane or have destinations that don’t allow pets (sorry, Fido!). From the traditional kennel to ones offering more specialized services, here are the best places for your dog to stay while you’re away.

This is what Philadelphia Style wrote:

While Philly Fit Dog is not necessarily a traditional kennel, this service provider offers in-home pet sitting services. For overnight care, an experienced pet sitter can stay with your pet and use their mobile devices and the barcode placed in your residence to scan in and out. That way, owners can get frequent updates on the exact time of care given to pets, and even track how much time and distance a caretaker covered with pets via a GPS tracking device. 215-787-0370

Pet Sitting Services Philadelphia

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